Oct 22, 2021

Cory Diary : Tesla Q3 2021

That's for Period of Jul, Aug and Sept.

Tesla Deliveries below. Basically we track Cars as the company is on execution phase. The tech is already developed. The company do many other important stuffs (other than cars) but I would classify them as bonus for simplicity. So as we can see, another wonderful result. Do you know another fact, this figures are known before the result. ( Hint ! ) Not sure why but it is what it is.

Key Development

Basically the factories of-course and we can see this will cover next few Qs of production increase.

Key Metrics

For EPS 1.86 is now roughly driving PE of 120 Only ! We can try use 1.44 (Non-GAAP) and it will be PE 156 if we view stock based compensation. Assuming Stock Price 900.

Company Strategy

Over a multi-year horizon, they expect to achieve 50% average annual growth in vehicle deliveries.

My Brief

Tesla just has to continue executing their production well and we will ride the growth story. In my earlier post (link)  I mentioned Tesla PE has came down significant as it is on growth path. PE 1200 is not reflective of the ground situation. That time PE is already down to 175. Now is 120. Can we imagine what will be the next PE in next Q report and the next after ? Seem like no brainer ? What is the risks ?


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