Mar 13, 2018

Cory Diary : Recent Trade Actions 20180313


Manage to come back to secure some after recent price corrections. Just a relatively small position in each. Good to be able to expand my Reits to have two more counters. Current Reits allocation is around 40% of Local Equity Portfolio. Total Portfolio projected to receive target (updated for privacy) dividend in 2018 currently.

I like this Maple due to "Mapletree Investments and Mapletree Industrial Trust Form Joint Venture to Acquire 14 Data Centres in the United States of America". And I like Parkwaylife for being in the market for more affluent lifestyle and greying population needs.


Did a quick speculative trade with just holding 1 day over the weekend when price moved up to 5.x. And sold it on the next mon working day at 8.x for whopping more than 60% gains. Just couldn't hold with such a gain so quickly. Since then, price corrected quickly and now is on restricted trade list. I would certainly like to buy a Creative 3D earphone to try out first.

STI Index

Bought a little more STI Index ES3 when it corrected recently after recent sale of some portion of my Singtel shares. I wouldn't want to go in big as we are at rather high level but I still feel 3800 is a good target.


Reduced my stake some with recent poor result as I am not sure how long it will takes to turn around the business. And use the fund to play with Creative which ends up very well as mentioned above.

There are few others trades but enough for today.



Mar 3, 2018

Cory Diary : Multi-Baggers

I watched Creative Tech share phenomenal jumps. More than 4 times before after the News. Is this real ? Creative's Super X-Fi™ Headphone Holography could be a game changer. Am I too late into the game. Let's do a modelling today with Math. Using cost and target valuation price if indeed the technology becomes a household product as a standard.

If I am late in the game and I bought at $5 of 1000 shares. Compared to someone who bought at $1 assuming same amount of lots. If the value of the shares jumped to $100K, the profits difference is just $4K. That's not much a difference even if we are to enter at $5 with just 20 baggers in term of absolute profits.

Will this be our "iPhone" at our door step ? Can't miss it. Not a recommendation to buy or sell.
But for people who catch the winds of the product innovation will be a great success, is not too late to enjoy similar success as one dollar plus lucky investors.