Sora : Singapore Overnight Rate Average

SSB : Singapore Savings Bond

TMD : tā mā de

WYB : Wu Ya Bo

OA – Ordinary Account
MA – Medisave Account
SA – Special Account
VC – Voluntary Contribution > Refers to cash top-ups to all 3 accounts, or to MA directly
MC – Mandatory Contribution > Refers to contribution to CPF from your employment
RSTU – Retirement Sum Top Up > Refers to cash top-ups to SA (or RA if you are >55 years old)
CPFIS – CPF Investment Scheme
CPFIA – CPF Investment Account
HPS – Home Protection Scheme
RSS – Retirement Sum Scheme
OWC - Ordinary Wage Ceiling
AWC - Additional Wage Ceiling
CPFAL - CPF Annual Limit
FRS - Full Retirement Sum
BRS - Basic Retirement Sum
ERS - Enhanced Retirement Sum
BHS - Basic Healthcare Sum
PEA - Payout Eligibility Age
AMP - Additional Monthly Payout
VHR - Voluntary Housing Refund
SEP - Self-Employed Person

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