Dec 31, 2019

Cory Diary : Year 2019 Reit Year

We have come to an end in the last day of SGX Trading for Year 2019. For Income Investor this has been nothing but solid. S&P 500 has record year too. But it will be closer to home if we just look at Singapore Reits.

Cory Portfolio has large amount of Reits. And here's Performance tracked throughout 2019. There is some work but also a lot of investing fun provided is in profit ...

Cory Portfolio Table 

Year 2019 Realized and Unrealized Profit hits new record. Reits take up 70% of the profit. Just Reit alone the XIRR is 31.7% This is a Reit year. For year 2020 preparation there is some diversification shifts on segments as blogged earlier. Chances are yield compression is harder. For financial planning reason, there will be steps on going more into indexes to hold long term. Hopefully will have the opportunity to do so to allow the portfolio go through next stage of growth.

FTSE ST Real Estate Investment Trusts (INDEX: FSTAS8670) returns 18.8% for the year.  LION-PHILLIP S-REIT (SGX: CLR) an ETF has 23.3% including dividend. So anyone who are vested in Singapore Reits will hit this range of score generally unless your pick is bias to extreme. Once again time in market has proven to be really true for Year 2019. If one has sit out, this year will be sorely missed.

Happy New Year !


Dec 29, 2019

Cory Diary : Dividends 2019

With the year coming to a close, all the expected dividends have been accorded for. Year 2019 seen a number of acquisitions and mergers which has change the expected dividends. Therefore some deliberations made for it. Total dividend for Year 2019 received $52, 299 which is equivalent to $4,358 monthly cash-flow. Cumulative dividends tracked $324,750.

Scrip Dividends
Decided to take up Aims Apac Reit and OCBC scrips which are a good discount. To compute dividend returns two steps were done. First is to register the expected dividends and then replace them with the number of shares given.

Ascendas Reit issued relatively deep discount of Rights. They were sold off for about $1,700.
Strictly speaking I am not sure should count them in as dividend but since is one-time, and it supports cash-flow, this will be included for this time.

Ascendas h-tr merged with Ascott Reit. Took profit on half before merger. Remainder will get $2,715 cash. As the de-listing is on 3rd Jan 2020 it won't be counted into Year 2019.

"A-HTRUST Scheme, each A-HTRUST Stapled Unitholder as at the A-HTRUST Scheme Entitlement Date will be paid S$0.0543 in cash and will be issued 0.7942 in Ascott Reit-BT Stapled Units issued at a price of S$1.30 each, in each case, for each A-HTRUST Stapled Unit held by it."

The other merger is between Frasers Com Tr and Frasers L&I Tr. Decided to take profit and exit the counter.

Private Placement
SPH Reit has a private placement and unit holder has early dividend registered however the cash will not be seen till Year 2020. Since is already registered it will be counted towards Year 2019.

For Year 2020, theoretical dividends on current holdings will be $53, 384. This should hits higher with capital injection and DPU growth assuming no market surprises. The far fetched goal will be $60, 000.

Happy New Year 


Dec 27, 2019

Cory Diary : Real Game in Investing

Has been writing on performance for years. Some years like this year we have good result as in 20% XIRR. That doesn't mean good profits. In good year if we aren't earning good absolute profit we are just like in baby pool ... splashing. That's fine if we are still a baby. The worst outcome is to give a baby large amount of money to swim in the sea !

When Cory is just learning or in the long learning curve years of investing, he understands the needs of baby pool. We need to use XIRR to measure our performance. We then need to progress to swim in larger and larger pools as we gain in experience with saving. So how large is large ? We probably need to go back to why we invest. If is to help support our retirement then the size of investment should be enough to support that. If is partial, so be it due to individual preference.

Talking about size of investment. For a 5% yield portfolio on average 2% growth on a million dollar portfolio. The returns will be $50k dividends and $20k capital gains. For 2%, capital gain is only good to see but not for Cory to take in an inflationary world. If Cory takes it as dividend for cash flow needs, portfolio becomes smaller over time in real term. Again, that's fine if that's the plan. So to put into perspective on the obvious, for a capital of 100K that's 5K annual dividends.

One would think if Cory can have strong performance in baby pool, naturally given larger amount he would do the same performance. Assume same market condition, with much larger pool size, the waves will make the leg shivers, his breathing breathless and his nights cooler. Cory knows because he has makes mistake he doesn't when small.

At the end of the day, Real Performance = Investment Size x XIRR = Absolute Profit or Loss.

So are you an Adult splashing in Baby Pool ? Is ok if we aren't ready. Really.



Dec 24, 2019

Cory Diary : Portfolio Changes 2019

From start of year till now, Portfolio has undergo significant changes with my thinking and progress. Expense Ratio is now at 0.85% which almost $10 K. I think did about 150 to 200 trades. One of my practice is to break down my purchases and sales so that ramp up the numbers. Thankfully my broker has agreed to give me a better rate.

Year 2019 has been joyful because of lowering yield pushing up Reits. I would think the curbs on property helps too as there is too much cash in the system looking for safe returns. Whether it will fallback is anyone guess but for dividend players this could be good news ironically.

This is the first time i present my portfolio in excel in this format. Something which I have been using for long time. Portfolio table reflects what I have and what have left the portfolio. The returns are mainly computed using XIRR or situation where I could safely use formula of returns/invested ratio to give more absolute feeling on returns. Take note the yield and price is just an estimation and delayed.

Yes, it has been a good year for Income Investor even for Cory with Fixed holdings within the portfolio. This year XIRR 20% for a 47% Reit portfolio. Take note that Profits will be lower due to past year losses. And returns included Dividends/Rights. Moving forward my posts will be less revealing as wife wants more privacy. Happy Wife Happy Life. I fully agree ! 😃


Dec 22, 2019

Cory Diary : Feedspot

Just get to know about Feedspot recently from an IN friend.

"Top 75 Singapore Investment Blogs" . Proud to know I hit 38 :)



Dec 20, 2019

Cory Diary : Income and Expense 2019

Year 2019 is special because Cory becomes a father to a baby girl. Unlike most parents, financially Cory is much more ready. The thing lacking is experience which Wife will always take care or be ready to remind Uncle Cory ..... . Nevertheless, raising baby is really not easy. The good thing is we have Baby Bonus supports and this do help some. Fortunately, company is also supportive and provide as much work from home time and leaves as needed.

Expenses wise, as previously blogged ( link ), kind of exploded and will not come down significantly for years. Good problem to have. How to fix it is to ensure that we have higher saving prior, predictable income, investments or saving to mitigate which the last option is not a viable plan for wife 😂.

For 2019 Income, Cory has a good bonus. This helps to pay for Income Tax and Parents Allowances. A nice surprise is that some of the Company Stock has also come into vesting period and this help to add into the year end 2nd Bonus. Hmm, why has this becomes a so look forward thing ...

For 2019 Expenses, the value expects to cross $140, 000. This is inclusive of home loan which is a major ticket item. However, Net worth and Income Returns looks able to match the increase in spending ( above chart ).

As Cory has stake in lower levels investment returns such as SSB and FDs, all additional savings could go into higher equity returns in Year 2020 to build higher dividend income plan. Investment returns wise, returns has been quite significant which will be blogged later once year ended. Touch-wood it will not change negatively by then.

Before signing off. Two wishes from Birthday Boy.

1. To do : Things that we could change. ie. Continue working. 
2.  Not to do : Focus on things that we could not change. Negative thoughts.



Dec 13, 2019

Cory Diary : Mini-Repeat of Sell Down of Reits Stocks

Yesterday STI Index was up. Interestingly, many of the key Reits are down. This have some similarity whenever there is longer term view that interest rates have dropped enough especially when the trade deal could conclude positively.

As blogged earlier ( link ) , and the shift to Banking Sectors. This has acted as counter balance to the Reits. While Cory can never be sure they will always be on opposite polarity, it does put the portfolio at much lower risk which makes a lot of comfort sense.

Will this trend continue will be anyone guess. Hope that there is some attractive valuation for Cory to pick from the ground.

In the meantime, Cory steals some Astrea 3.85% lots before Ex-dividend. If calculation is correct still get roughly 3% yield. The funny thing is Cory sold some Frasers 3.65% Bond to the market to par down his 6 digits interests to 5. To shift some of 3.65% yield asset to 3% is something to wrap about. As long one is happy, who cares.

Cory also decided to expand a little more into AGT for the yield and of-course the bonus will be the buyout. Talking about Bonus, Year 2019 Bonus is quite cool. Looks like is good to work as long as possible. 😎

Anyone watched "The Mandalorian" ? Investment can be lonely ....


Dec 8, 2019

Cory Diary : Dividend Investing is Boring. Easy ?

Capitaland Mall Trust has been with Cory Portfolio for about 6 years ago.  It has been one of the key starter for Cory to learn about dividend investing. The yield is not so great, not bad, stable and well backed. This gives confidence to Cory to mend his ways in the early years of aimless speculative investing.

Below historical data of Cory's CMT Table.

As you can see, starts on Year 2014, took some breaks on Year 2015 and 2016 before it becomes Core Position in Portfolio in Year 2017, 2018 and 2019. Years where Cory P/L is positive is also years Cory holds for long time within the year.

Even on a not so great yield, Cory collected S$33K from it slowly. How much capital deployed ? In/Out trading on some and holding on mains maybe around $50K-$60K. Looks like quite profitable so far. Maybe is not that surprising as dividends act as a good buffer from market fluctuation to trade. To get to know more about CMT here's the chain articles on CMT.

Yes, Dividend investing can be boring. Maybe Year 2019 is different. Well, it is usually boring but often profitable from Cory experiences so far till it is not .... 😨. Investing maybe is that easy. I hope ! 


Dec 6, 2019

Cory Diary : Sector View of Cory Portfolio

Sector tracker comparison for 2 month periods

Cory Top 7 Investments

1. Ascendas Reit
2. DBS
4. Frasers Bond
5. CapitaLand Mall Trust ( CMT )
7. SPH Reit

Previous Investment as link.

Note: Netlink BNB Tr is classified under Telco

Main Key Change is the expansion move in Banking Segment which are relatively more attractive to position for Year 2020. This provide a more balance portfolio that is strong enough to match Reits exposure which has enjoyed significant run up this year. Chances are we are't going to see same scale in jump for Year 2020.


Dec 1, 2019

Cory Diary : Performance Nov'19

The month ended with one of the most actions seen on Reits in Cory Portfolio this year.

1. Ascendas Reit Rights Issue
2. FCOT Halts
3. Accordia Golf Tr Potential buyer
4. SPH Reit Private Placements
5. MINT acquisitions of DCs
6. Aims Apac Reit books building exercise

Performance Tracker

STI Index continues to reel from Trade War falls out which means well for yield assets. Interestingly, DJIA hits new 28K records with strong jobs report despite on-going  trade tariffs. Cory Portfolio has to work harder to keep up with the score with increasing exposure to banking.