Jan 1, 2014

2013 Portfolio Review

2013 Measure
SG Stock XIRR figure for the year ended up 11.74%.Compared to STI which is -0.85% (2 Jan'13-2 Jan'14) excluding dividends, performing above after taking into account STI 2-3% dividends.

Annualized Performance since 2007 will be 11.6%.
Dividends received this year $28, 940.

Did well in expanding my dividends and performing above STI. Another key area is the punch (Invest amount) approximately doubled. Net Worth reached a new milestone despite spending is up significantly.

Another area i am happy with is that Reits did not do significant damage to my portfolio. Looks like trading them helps to negate their impacts this year. They will remain a key segment for re-balancing my portfolio for a long time.

Portfolio details
Reit returns flat after consideration of capital loss. In the aspect, on the bright side, they will be position to be better in 2014.
Fixed return continues to maintain good stability.
Growth and SME stocks see large rises.

2014 Focus
Still under invest last year despite some step-up in absolute amount added, my wish is to add more counters and depth for specific counters. However i will continue to exercise caution steps.
Goal : 20% more

Dividends wise, with tapering reduction, contribution from Reit can be lesser. Higher business cost may also means lesser distribution. Goal: Maintain 2013 at minimum.

To reduce impact from any single stock, number of counter has to increase but this will tax my mental bandwidth. Therefore stock selection has an angle of less risk priority.

Re-balancing of my portfolio still required and needs to be watched closely.

1st Jan 2014