Dec 29, 2022

Cory Diary : Financial Investment Updates

Have not been posting lately so thought is good to document down current Market situation and actions I did. First in recent days, Tesla has faced significant down hill in stock price. As I mentioned before in  previous article, growth stocks that do not provide dividend basically means there is no cushion or support to stock price when market in down turn or bad news.  It's market valuation basically determine by market forces which can be macro or engineered through different investment instrument.

I suspect the deep sell down in Tesla likely is due to popularity if investors selling put options for income that suffered the recent meltdown. Despite reduction in Tesla investment, and lower allocation down to single digit percentage, the capital loss is still quite sizeable. So on hindsight I should have reduced further my allocation to minimize the extreme volatility. The reason why the portfolio is mainly dividend based investments.

The Base Line Investment Support

In-addition to Equity, continued to do SSB renewals to higher rates. This is quite welcome as the bulk of the investment is for housing loan emergency needs and managed to lock strong rates for next 10 years. Will continue to renew various batches as opportunity arises.

Short term Cash in Saving is further reduced by taking up 6 months T-Bills. Managed to get recent 4%+ batches. This is carefully timed to need of cash flow.

Another good news is DBS Multiplier has adjusted the interest rates to 4.1% for those that meet all the conditions which I did. Keep in mind that the rate can also be easily adjusted down when macro force changes.

Also did some Fixed Deposits at 3.8% rate. Not that great but enough to park it for 5 months such that I can only use it 5 months later from my itchy hands.

Saving Cash

Continue to review and adjust this segment of Cash constantly to make sure every bullet tapped from it is efficiently utilized to support dividend income. There is huge temptation to average down into Tesla however I am past my Prime and Risk Tolerance. Nevertheless will constantly review my thoughts and maybe do micro injections if there is good buffer. The basic idea for me is Tesla is selling a dream of generational wealth so the investment is long term. Longer than Reits therefore the allocation is more absolute rather than in percentage to portfolio.


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