CPF Management

Transactions Log

From 2020 to Jan 2021
Transfer of Ordinary Account Savings to Special Account (OA to SA Transfer)
Completed moving all my OA to SA. This feature can be done within CPF. The move is irreversible and once moved cannot be use for housing.

By Oct 2020
Voluntary Housing Refund (VHF)
Completed refund all my housing loaned from my CPF OA account. This decision is easy for me because my SA account was not max. So by saving 2.5% accrued interests and gaining 4% from SA, the swing is 6.5% returns.

On Dec 2020
Voluntary Contribution Medisave Account (VCMA)
Sum of 6K. On hindsight I should do VC3AC after FRS Max. Nevertheless 4% in MA account is not bad either. If I could not finish it, the money will be legacy.

On Jan 2021
Top up my own/recipient's Special Account under the Retirement Sum Topping-Up Scheme
Two Daughter accounts with nominal sum to try out the process using other account in CPF and e-Cashier top-up. I have also submitted for access to their CPF accounts for management purposes.

On Jan 2021
CPF Nomination
Updated. This requires two witnesses with Sing Pass access for online declarations.

On Jan 2021
Discounted Singtel Shares
Sold my Discounted Singtel Shares and then have it transferred from OA to SA accounts. Simplified my CPF too.

On Jan 2021
Top up my own/recipient's Special Account under the Retirement Sum Topping-Up Scheme
To fill up my SA account to max of FRS 186K.

By 31 Jan 2021
Top-Up my CPF accounts through VC3AC
This allows my SA account to go beyond FRS Max to enjoy 4% interests. SA allocation is at highest band for my age. Allow the added money to start earning interest from Feb'21. The max limit of top-up is $37,740 including Mandatory Contribution (Salary) for the year.

This conclude my activities for Year 2021 except for daughters account.


By 19 Mar 2021
Top-Up Daughters CPF account - Cash
Through CPF Login Mail Box request able to gain access to daughters transaction log. Confirmation they have received top-ups. Nominal cash top-ups.



By Mid Apr 2021
Top-Up Daughters CPF account - Cash
Daughters ang Pao Money matched 1:1 by their father. They each now have 1K each in their SA accounts.



  1. Bro, how and where did u sell those discounted singtel shares to simplify ?

    1. You can login to your cpf account. Beside the discounted share there is a link for you to sell it through poems. Make sure you type in the correct shares. Alternatively as i Understood, ask your broker to sell through them.