Oct 30, 2021

Cory Diary : Trading Log 2021-1030

The month of Oct is good. Portfolio return hits ATH at the moment due to mainly TESLA moving up a few notches together with AMD and MICROSOFT from US Market. Three jackpots for my US ventures. The only misgiving is I did not manage to get more MSFT this month. TESLA looks like it has potential to move more but 1200 will be a strong ceiling till we see better result in next Q. The upside seems limited now unless the market goes euphoria. It may be due to short sellers get caught by the spike and even from long time holders playing with short and call options for income.

Huh ? Up from 870 to 1114 is Not EUPHORIA now ?

The thing is folks who invest in Tesla go for Long Term and the expectation is high from current pricing. Cathie Wood expects 3k. Is not a number pluck from the sky though. Frankly is new to me too as a new boy in growth stock early this year which got himself stuck for 6 months. Obviously stock price will move with market situations too and business risk so DYODD. Basically the target price usually based on the car able to ship and expected market share few years down the road.

The Details

Below details on the changes of the portfolio. There are likely other trades but not significant for me to remember or left out altogether accidentally. As another reminder, is a record of my thought and changes and by no means advise on investment. Portfolio return increased to 12% ytd which was just 5.8% early this month. A nice last minute catch up to STI Index which has been roaring by the Banks.


Has a strong run this month. Bought more shares as it hits 900. At today price, it looks like good move while it seems quite risky back then. I did this due to DCA up as I am in Tesla long term like many fans. Talked about it before on the potential in few of my articles. So won't say more here. They are limited by their own production capacity and and further potentials on other businesses. One of them probably just materialize is the charging nodes all over the world and Hertz just enabled it faster. The only regret is not getting more shares which is after the fact.


Initiate a small position after watching the CEO speech. Thought is a good one to give me better understanding on what it does but then is still in early development stage of growth. It could take years to materialize if ever. Still not fully convince their edge and has a stake in there to monitor their development closer.


Decided to clear off the shares to control the number of counters as it seems I am little over-stretched and best time is to do it is when I have kopi money on the table. Is our local icon so I will be back when time is right. I need more familiarity on SEA to begin with. Together with Palantir I could do opportunity trades.


DCA up more again with the large profit buffer gained. I have a good feel on the CEO so their is fate on her to continue manage the performance of the company well. I would say they are on cruising path at least for the next Q report. If we are to use annualized PE on latest Q and PEG ratio, it does appear very attractive so I wonder why some analyst will think is over-valued considering their magnificent latest Q result. At the back of my mind of-course Covid has some help into it but I am looking into AMD edging into spaces traditionally held by Intel and even Nvidia. That's will be potential for whole new ball game and PE valuation.


Added more as it goes down in price. Result is finally out and looks well managed so far. Long term this will be a waiting game as we collect dividends. With their growing exposure in DCs, the future looks even brighter.


Despite my plan to increase my Bank holdings long term, I have been actually reducing past week in mini-steps prior to result. The result I feel likely will not meet expectation due to last one has write-back supports. Missed to sell some more at $32. The smaller OCBC position was sold much earlier.


There are a number of corporate announcements which looks like to trying to block off hostile takeover. As I am reserving my bullets for other things it will not be a good timing to have cheap rights issue if there are any. Decided not to wait for ex-div and exit the position. This also reduce one counter to manage.


Has par down the holding some to support my other opportunities and war chest, which reduce my expected dividend. There has been lingering concern of the future term and condition with regulatory. My conviction was not high enough and therefore executed some re-balance. I still hold a large position in this. The move put me in better risk-adjusted portfolio.


Has secured new positions this month in Sabana. Quite please with their latest report. The last time I was in this stock is Year 2014. They have changed much since with the new management. The yield is also attractive and this will tango with my other higher yield reits exposure.


Finally cleared off my last tranche in this counter. Slightly earlier than expected. Blogged earlier on no longer need for bond in my portfolio with CPF in play.


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