Oct 27, 2021

Cory Diary : Asset Allocation - Oct'21

Equity Markets rebounded in Q3 across the world mostly. Not sure this is a reflection of inflation climbing. However the taper conditions do push the Banks price. What's is also interesting is that the Reits Market at least on reporting wise are getting much better too even though the old age fear of higher rate put a dent on Reits pricing. In any business, a well run ones, the cost will typically be absorbed by tenants so there's not much fear in reality when we hold longer term.

In terms of Net Worth, reached ATH mainly due to rising Equity Prices that was lagging a little bit. Tracking to 8.9% increase YTD. There is some helps from all segments of the markets.

Asset allocation wise, key changes are Equity, Bond/Pref and Investment Accounts from last reported. There is larger allocation into Equity Markets from Bond/Pref and Investment Accounts.

Like to mention Net Property Asset did not see increase so far despite all the news about take up rate and stronger pricing in new property launches. It seems to hang at a limbo probably reflecting the Curbs measures really holding back on re-sale market currently.

Looks forward to year end which is just 2 months away. However this also means another year will soon be past. Humanity cannot escape time. Investment Returns always need to include consideration for time.


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