Mar 27, 2017

Cory Diary: Is STI Performance truly understood ?

What is STI Index true performance ? The often quoted is 7% XIRR or so called Compounded which includes dividends distributed. This is achieved if one invest all their money one time exact in the year 2005 low and measured on the final price this month of STI. Yes is about 7%.

The issue is can this be repeated ? That is the catch.

Firstly our money in fund is constantly injected and for some withdraw during the 12 years period.

Secondly, how sure are we the next 12 years will be another 7%. Are we sure we can extrapolates ?

Finally, investment period is critical. Investing in 2005, 2011 and now will yield different STI performance. This can be shown by taking the dividends distributed and using different period of entry.

As you can see above, the Compounded or XIRR are total different on entry year. I am not saying STI ETF is not good. I have some too. But I want to remind myself that, if I started investing in STI in year 2008, you are only earning 0.56% after dividends. Is ALL ABOUT ENTRY TIMING.

So is it good to invest in STI ETF now ? You tell me :P


Mar 25, 2017

Cory Diary : Financial Portfolio Update 20170325

Has been a month since my last post. Seems a long time. Quite amount of office politics that I have to carefully maneuver while getting things done during this period while guiding my team on execution and business alignment. Good news is we are better today than a month ago. More work to do !

2017 is Year of Rates and Banking. Banking continues to recover from last year despite the oil saga.
Unfortunately my portfolio on such is under invest. Fortunately STI Index fund covers some. Index has again proves their usefulness.

(updated for privacy) 

Portfolio Size wise is another new high with return of market optimism. Did some balance in increasing Singapore Saving Bond and reducing some preference shares. Expanded my REITs further ironically in increasing rate environment. And did some sporadic speculation decisions in a few counters. Still slow in moving into financial sector. Not sure have I mentioned before that I have zero out my developer equity segment as I will still enjoy my ride up and down on my property.

Currency wise, I have remitted large amount of S$ with strengthened NT$. New bullets for SGX.
Is a hold for AUD$ and US$ amounts.

All-in-All, new net worth new high due to investment gains. This metric is important as a way for me to track growth and asset base for retirement. 2017 will bring more income due to stronger NT$.

Investment performance wise, XIRR 3.6% on expanded portfolio injection base using 2017 year end date on closure. However YTD XIRR incredible more than 18% despite large stakes in low fixed returns of bonds and preference shares. And this is achieved with pretty plain and relative safe investment strategy that anyone can do. No magic and all common sense decisions. Hopefully the market remains optimistic for rest of year.


Reminder for myself : Putting money in Unit Trust do not make me an investor.
It only convince myself that I am incapable to be one.