Jul 28, 2021

Cory Diary : Tesla 2021 Q2


Spectacular Result from Tesla yesterday. Best Quarter so far.

Net Income 1.4B from $104M
Non-GAAP earnings per share of $1.45 ahead of $0.98 expectation
Revenue rose 98% to $11.96 billion, from $6.04 billion a year ago
Operating cash flow of $619M
Produced 200k Vehicles
Operating Margin of 11%
Bitcoin-related impairment of ($23 million)
Solar and energy storage business rakes in $810M Rev. 116% from same Q last year.

The business is damped by ...

The chip shortage “remains quite serious,” Chief Executive Elon Musk said in a call after the results. “The chip supply is fundamentally the governing factor on our output,” and it’s hard to say how long it will last because it’s out of Tesla’s control, he said.

 “To better focus on these factories, and due to the limited availability of battery cells and global supply chain challenges, we have shifted the launch of the Semi truck program to 2022,” it said.

and today by Chinese Tech and Education Stocks sell down. Tesla PE has come down from 1200 range many months ago to less than 175 ! with it's  growth. That's how amazing the business ability to scale.

Took the opportunity to do a little DCA on Tesla Shares in a Sea of Red Tides. 

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  1. u do realise most of the financial numbers by tesla are fake right? bordering on point of illegal?

    1. In this world there is all sort of possibilities and people.

    2. i understand your point, but i will stay far away from tesla. they make people pay usd 10k for full self driving in 2017, which doesnt work even now 4 years later he admit even recently fsd is long way away, nt transferable between cars, tgt with elon musk constant weird antics and bullshit opinions on topics(covid, neurology) pumping dogecoin, lying (claiming he has secured funding to take tesla private back in 2018), abnormally high AP and AR, using shareholder money 2 billion to bail out solarcity which has no value. i will be highly suspect of the financial statements. all frauds(enron, wirecard,luckin coffee) have fully audited financial statements. auditors couldnt even realise wirecard has 1.9 billion euros missing from its bank account haha.

    3. The current result is mainly EV cars sales. So we can worry about FSD later which is a bonus. I think level headed is important, and he is not perfect. However Tesla Car and SpaceX rocket are real stuffs. They are on the road and in space respectively. We cannot deny or argue about that unlike Theranos. Imo Tesla is far from it.

      And of-course at the the end of the day we can size our position appropriately to the risk we feel.

      If we are to look at track record of say S-Chips as an example, yes I am very Wary. The position for them will be ZERO.

      thanks for your warning.

  2. And in addition,his CFO is a young kid right out from school, (probably no smart person want to help him fudge numbers), no one want to insure his board of directors so he insure them himself and his management and engineering team have abnormally high turnover rate who dump shares as soon as they are out.no problem,i like your blog so sharing my views. I am no expert, so u can use teslaq on twitter to read on other ppl do better analysis on tesla financials.best of luck!

    1. Yes he is indeed young but seems very promising. Two years he achieved alot. The link seems big difference from your view. Maybe time will tell.https://m.economictimes.com/news/international/business/elon-musks-shy-36-year-old-finance-chief-zachary-kirkhorn-is-behind-teslas-remarkable-turnaround/amp_articleshow/80475863.cms