Oct 24, 2021

Cory Diary : Tracking your returns

Trading Courses

Once attended a proprietary trading course after achieving good gain myself on a particular year and decided to reward myself to learn something out of curiosity. Looking back, I was feeling rich when i made the decision to understand what the hell they are teaching. Not cheap ! about $3k. ouch ! Well I did learn some basics of charting, their systems and most important of all I realised they have an cumulative pricing chart in which dividend were computed into it. So in the end I did not use their system instead put more focus on dividend investing after I have seen the Ascendas chart which is ever increasing.

My Friend

Recently I have a few message exchanges with a friend. He is into a particular guru course who will give update list of stock picks. Teaches philosophy. Looking at metric trends. So I asked him, if he is that good, at the end of the day it should reflects into his returns. To put into perspective personally I have nothing against Guru courses if is a win-win. So my challenge to him is to show me the result by tracking his performance.


As one may know I track my return by stock, multi-year, and also portfolio level. I can pull out my own historical data and do analysis of them. How my style has change, my mind has change and my return has change. If something is not working we need to change  but you can't if you don't even know.

An example Singtel. Is a beginner stock for me but not necessarily for beginner. More than 20 years of relationship. haha. So much longer than with my wife !

In total, I made $41k. I actually loss $9.3k in Year 2018 else would have profited more. Before Year 2018 ended, is obvious it is on downtrend in it's business profitability. Waited 2019 rebound before I close my position. Will I be back, never say never. But if I am to return is definitely not because I have profited $41k therefore I have room to lose. It will be really ....


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