Oct 13, 2021

Cory Diary : Feeling the Crunch !

For past weeks, the market has been getting more delicious. So I have been spending slightly more than my dividend collected and income saved. Do not want to touch my "Reserves" for my housing. Finally get the feel of opportunity cost on such reserve. Which is a cost. With Investment income comes down to less than 2% it looks like I have to do fresh injections to benefit from market pessimism if no other viable solution.

The first I did is to sell the fixed bond income IS ASIA ETF. The price has been coming down and likely some investors are already ahead of me doing fund raising. But this fund are settled in USD which I wanted to reserve for US Market. This aren't helping much on SGX market investment.

Then today local market starts to move. I took the opportunity to clear off my OCBC. Yes I blogged not enough banking allocation but the size I have in OCBC is small to worth to manage when I need more fund which tilt the equation. Then some more minor trimming in Netlink BNB Tr. And now I have a perfect haircut.

Shopping list : AA Reit, Sabana Reit, FCT. Opportunity fund now left with 3.1%.

Let's see how far the run will be. Maybe I have good chance to fill up my account again.


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