Oct 2, 2021

Cory Diary : Sep'21 Play

This month is quite tough for capital gain investors. Basically returns shredded quite an amount due to China onslaught of capitalist attributes in Tech, Edu and Prop. And this week we have Energy crisis hitting industrial lands. On America side we have the ongoing foreplay of debt limits which is like never ending story. Think is time they remove it once and for all before we ended up in comatose status.

To be fair, dividend investor got it too in that we probably see more than 2% shredded from our investment value return perspective. If they are core holding, as always riding through it. This aren't our first anyway and it will not be our last. The only consideration is when we can trigger our cheap buys happily.

Dividend Returns

Dividend wise YTD $39,686. Theoretical max $67k for the year. This bring our Dividend Returns to $471, 975 over 16 years plus. In early years, say Year 2005 the dividend just $2492. This stay below $10k for 5 years. Which bring to the point of learning curve hand-in-hand with the compounding effect of returns rolled up. 

Why take such Risk ?

Some people throw most into a super stock. The fact of the matter is if 35% failed, that's mean 35 out of 100 people will be condemned. If 40 stays flat then remainder 25 MAYBE becomes multi-millionaires. This is illogical as life is not 1's or 0's. Many of those 35 who failed can still have very good life without doing this bets.

Portfolio Returns

As for Portfolio returns YTD, the US shares basically cover the Chinese shares losses thanks to Tesla and AMD run up. Which implies the lowered portfolio value is borne by sgx dividend stocks this month and that is ok as the only sure thing is dividend. Maybe not so for those who play heavily in margins.

In net 5.85% Profit YTD after yesterday market falls specifically on Reits.



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