Aug 8, 2021

Cory Diary : Trading Log 2021-0808

Do quite a number of trades recently for a number of reasons. So I thought is good time to document my thoughts as my portfolio hits ATH and want to secure my profits for some counters and some rebalancing. Take note this is from memory so I could make some errors so please DYODD as usual.


Cleared my position when the price bounced back some after Ex-Dividend. My opinion is that opening up certainly will help the malls. Considering I have positions in both FCT and MCT, I could be more focus. CICT still has possible opportunity externally but I decided not to wait. I may come back to look at it again if they work this out well. Don't get me wrong. CICT is still a stable stock to own for dividend but I am looking for more growth and I feel FCT and MCT will likely do better in the long run.

Nothing is better than a picture. This is where I should focus for longer term. Hope this explain my changes with time. Is quite obvious.

DBS Holding & OCBC Bank

With MAS finally lifting of Dividend Curb, the stock is now back to 33 cents for coming quarter. DBS price went past $31. I took the opportunity to take some profit off the table instead. One of the main reason is that the earning has comes down before allowances. I still have large holding in the bank. I also take the opportunity to clear off my OCBC balance shares the same time. A wonderful ride with banks this year with DBS registering the largest gains YTD and indirectly pushing up the STI Index.


The result of SGX is not so good. Lower rev and profit. What's surprise me is the interests return from Treasury income took a hit due to lowering interest rates. I didn't see this coming. The stock is quite promising. My investment in the stock is I have the gut feel is quite undervalued. When it hits $12, I did not sell. Frankly, I do not know when to sell because I am not ready for it. So the financial report kind of hit it on my head. I decided to take some profit off the table. Again I am still well vested in SGX and will continue to monitor a bit.

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