Aug 4, 2021

Cory Diary : Elite Commercial Reit - GBP

For those who are not familiar, Elite Commercial Reit (MXNU) is listed in SGX traded in GBP. Initially daunted by the need to manage exchange rate and it's risk, it is now a part of Cory Portfolio that provide strong dividend yield. It does take time for Old Cory to adapt but he really do. And is even better to do it when rate is favorable. Obviously, high yield is meaningless if the business fundamental is not there as it will not be sustainable.


1H2021 Report

DPU 2.63 in which 0.09 advance has already Ex Div. Annualized yield of 7.85% ( @Price 0.67 )
Gearing 42.1% which is slightly high so further acquisition will need to raise fund
Cost of Debts ~1.9% is quite low.
ICR 6.4x cannot be better

Exchange Rate

GBP has been doing very well against SGD. Current 1GBP = 1.88 SGD. So people who has vested since Oct last year enjoyed further currency gains.

Short and Sweet. 

Roger Out.

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