Aug 15, 2021

Cory Diary : Comparison List of Stocks

Have we ever wonder if we have a group of interested stock list. How do they perform against each other for a specific period in time ?

Stock List

  • 9988 - Alibaba HK
  • ACDSF - Ascendas Reit ( Paid 3.02% dividend )
  • AMD
  • DBS ( Paid 2.23% dividend )
  • HST - Hang Seng Tech ETF
  • ME8U - Mapletree Ind Reit ( Paid 3.4% dividend )
  • MSFT - Microsoft ( Paid 0.3% dividend )
  • TSLA - Tesla

They can be found in Cory Portfolio. In summary, SG Reit stocks do ok if we include the dividend already distributed. Champion is slow and steady Microsoft interestingly followed by DBS powering this year STI. At the bottom are Alibaba and HS Tech ETF due to Chinese Regulatory crackdown. From the pace that is going on, doesn't looks like abating.


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