Aug 14, 2021

Cory Diary : Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

When first start US stock investment this year it feels like after a major battle already won and we are going over what's left of pockets of resistance. There's nothing much to left to take. And if things turn bad, we got more to lose. Many technology stock after Year 2020 Covid have significant capital gain. This becomes a problem as there is element of FOMO ( Fear of Missing Out ) phenomenon that could left late investors carrying the elevated price.

We could wait for price correction which may not happen based on S&P500 hundred years performance. To not learn from this Year 2020 mistake of not investing in US stocks specifically Tech Stock is a non-starter from Growth and Covid perspective.

To overcome this, Microsoft fits the bill in that the stock climbs in a gentle and consistent manner. Of-course this is after some deliberation I did on the basic fundamentals of the company. ( MSFT ). Interestingly on data level, just the PE. Since then after my first lump sum investment, it has already registered almost 25% gain ytd. This is not common for a dividend investor who aren't use to seeing such growth in gains and that's exactly what we want our portfolio to have in diversification. Unfortunately I am so pre-occupied with so many things that I lack the conviction to build on it.

Nevertheless, it has grow to 1.7% of portfolio allocation. Potentially I could still build on it slowly with some injections on a portion of cash excess whenever necessary. There's few things to watch unlike Index ( country level ) which is that Microsoft still has to have an edge in their businesses.

Maybe investing is that simple. dude.


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