Aug 13, 2021

Cory Diary : Keppel DC Reit

Started my awareness on Keppel DC Reit early this year. Held it for a month and then sell it on Ex-dividend. Good kopi money. Welcome to the world of speculation.

In Aug this month, I find the price has dropped quite significantly. Started to put some money in it after the price bounce on China acquisition. This time the entry evaluation is for longer term investment from growth and dividend angles. Adding some money will kickstart my curiosity with skin in the game. 

KDC has track record of it though the yield is low due to running away price I presume. However buying low is not easy to lose a trade for a company that has a big sponsor. Ok, I do get some basics info. 

Unfortunately, there is reason for the near term dip. Seems like the market knows there is private placement coming. And today it announced 2.522 ( 2 % discount ) at the high side. So basically we pay back some kopi money for it. People who is veteran in this counter probably will sense it coming.

Blogged previously that private placement (PP) is not a bad thing especially for one who is not familiar. It helps to reinforce the decision and whether we should build up investment in it. A small price to pay to Private institutions and accredited investors who are generally more savvy and skin in the game as they are paying high side of it.

Now with this all happened, time to do a deeper understanding of the stocks. The first thing to do is to get the basic direction right. NAV, DPU, Gearing, Interests Coverage and Debt cost. This are easily available in SGX website. If you are not doing this, probability of success will be much smaller.

Before PP, the interest coverage interests ratio is 12.9 ! Debt is 1.5%. This is quite striking right ? And if you think they probably gear to the max, is not right too. Gearing 36.7%. This tells us a lot on the profitability of the business. NAV is a reference in this case as I feel running DCs is more technically talent based. And the last but not least is the DPU. Depending how we count, the yield can varies. Currently I am seeing 3.6%-3.8% range. Not shabby but certainly not in the same league as many well run property Reits. However what it lacks, it makes up with growth story.

The recent acquisition in China is a break from a dry spell since the change of CEO. And this keeps me excited even though recent China crackdown do cloud them a little. The PP left some cash untapped but personally for now not so worry considering relative to the amount raised, this Reit is significantly much larger. There are other metrics but those story will be for others to play them out as it requires more attention to dive into for some.

With 5G requiring a lot of data space, and the world going more data, this could continue for some time. With the latest Rights Issue, metric will change slightly I believe. However, is this good enough for me ?


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