Aug 16, 2021

Cory Diary : Equity Sector Allocation

Segment of Portfolio Equity has not been review for some time. I think is time to do a quick checks using Pie Chart. The plan is to eliminate Bond long term and becomes opportunity fund.

Growth Stocks are mainly listed in US and HK Markets at 60% to 40% respectively. They are World Class Companies. Newly introduced into this year portfolio to gain exposure to foreign markets especially Tech stocks after they have registered significant gains in Year 2020. Due to that, introduction is careful. While the US is doing well, Chinese shares take a heavy beating. Mainly Alibaba. Overall Foreign shares are still quite above the waterline. The next step is to target Growth stocks to 15% of portfolio. How to do it we will have to see even though in logical sense Chinese shares are the way to go however executing it aren't easy.

REITs are Portfolio Dividend Drivers. They form the core of dividend returns. In this approach, the goal is to provide sustainable income generation capability. Most of the Reits are lower yield due to strong attributes. Within, we have Euro and UK focus. And many other REITs have exposures in US, EU, AU and Asia Regions. At the moment I have deployed some cash to Keppel DC Reit however further injection will need to monitor for a while.

SG Cores Stocks are strong local stable companies that are diversified in different segments. Bank, Exchange, Supermarket, Telecommunications and Testing Services. Each of them has their own niche of their businesses in the local economy. They are also good dividend providers especially with recent curb removed for the banks. Long term wise, Singapore Stocks are not seeing much growth with exception applies. Other than DBS for trading, I do not see the need to manage others in here.

Bond allocation has been on reduction path as CPF will be the main holding for such in which SA account is giving at least 4% returns. This has been blogged earlier on the slow shift. Still in deliberation mode whether should CPF be tracked here or just in Net Worth allocation chart. Cash generated here will be locked in CPF till Age 55. And bulk of it in RA account if the size is not much bigger than FRS requirement.

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