Aug 20, 2021

Cory Diary : Dividend Report Aug'21

Market Jittery

With the craze going on in stock market recently specifically on the Crash of Chinese Stocks and then compounded by the Fed comments on tapering, the market on 8/19 hits another significant dive. Interestingly, US stock market seems to be holding out well while rest of the world suffers. Hopefully tomorrow, the market will stabilize.

Chinese Shares Exposure

With the portfolio just within combined 2% range allocation of Alibaba early this year and HS Tech (recent), we are seeing double digits percentage losses. This has been mitigated by US stocks but as today the furious sale is really a little too much. Many Retailers who are well vested in Chinese shares especially Tech and Edu stocks, and have averaged down a few times they likely see drastic reduction in their portfolio. To them this is probably worst than Year 2008 GFC.

STI Market

Fortunately STI is still swimming much above the waterline even though Banks have been shaken. Decided to buy back some bank shares which were sold earlier before ex-dividend therefore missing out some dividends. This time round the sell and buy back journey is well worth it as we make back more than double the dividend missed. However, this will reflect a lower dividend score.

August Dividend 2021

Looks like a good chance on the way to hit 60k by 2021. And with some of the bank shares bought back, this will be better supported. The condition is just have to keep holding it. 

Yes, HOLD ON Dividend Player .... LOL ... ( ... ). Touch wood.


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