Jan 31, 2019

Cory Diary : Updates on Jan'19 Trades

Last Friday Cory Equity Portfolio crosses a key milestone in size excluding bank cash, treasuries and SSB. I have to make sure the crossing is not deliberate but something I am comfortable with the market. This is on the back of YTD over 5% returns. As most people would suspects, Fed finally tone down in their message. However if the market goes crazy again, Fed may shoot in a surprise hike .... sigh ! Hopefully market stays calm for the week.

A quick summary on all my recent trades.

PARKWAYLIFE REIT - Sold all my shares for 4.6% profit YTD. That's like 1 year dividend in a month work except that it went further up 3% after, due mainly to rising market ... ( you can't win all ). The move is to improve my reit yield and able to consolidate my counters.

ASCENDAS REIT - Did some quick trading on a portion of my stock before and after results. Manage to get some kopi money. My broker a bit busy and not able to execute my queue in time else I would have doubled my earning.

CAPITAMALL TRUST - I also did a quick trade on a portion of my stock. Good gains but I think is more due to rising market again. Investment size is now 7.8% of my portfolio but with 5.1% yield, I think am good with this level. That's doubled SSB returns.

MAPLETREE COM TR - Up a little as I find my exposure insufficient for my effort. So this gives me more punch for the buck. At 5.11% investment size now, I think is max on this one. Fortunately, able to catch most of the rising ride. 

FRASERS COM TR - For same reason as Mapletree Com Tr, I up some as well. And happen to ride the market.

Trading expenses hit nearly $600. Moving on I will have to make sure more diligence before I do a trade. The expense is slightly high, and I am expecting after special rebate will be $450 region.  That's probably 1% of my Profit this month but this can explode if the market comes down quickly so I need to get a handle on this.

Mean time ride the market ! Sign off for Jan '19.


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