Jan 19, 2019

Cory Diary : Quick Re-balance 2019-0119

The Portfolio Chart is nicely bubbling upwards. I could see some easing up on the congestion. With the recent run-up of some counters, some actions are done to re-balance to reduce risk and assess dividends.

See LINK here for earlier published bubble chart.

1. Reduced Netlink Tr. : Large part of my holding. I would prefer investment size to be between 5% to 8%.

2. Expanded FCOT : Mid Tier Size - This is longer term haul. Low gearing. Strong history of not issuing rights which is my personal preference. With the recent run-up, able to scope some more when it go lower before result announcement. The DPU result is flat which is neutral. I like to see how Singapore properties perform. Hope they can secure a smallish strong acquisition  to relieve the distribution support from capital gains.

3. Expanded CMT  : Range trading. A large part of my holding. This ship is steady. Looking forward to Funan contribution for future assessment.

4. Reduced Ascendas Reit : Did some range trading. Large part of my holding. What to look for is growth as it went below 6% yield before deciding next move needs.


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