Jan 8, 2019

Cory Diary : Asset Tracker 2019-0108

Net Worth

With the beginning of the new year is time to assess my net worth trending. In this update, I have added "Non-Retirement line'. There is a good spike ending 2018 due to YEB and VB.  The losses in 2018 is mitigated by monthly income. This will expects to reduce in coming months due to local taxes and parent allowances.

 I should have done better in 2018 but I didn't. Nevertheless, my Assets continue to move up but at a slower pace with increasing expenses and poor market. Based on past trend, 2019 (touch wood) will be a good year for local investor. Why ?

I mentioned on the support lines that is strong. ( link ). Looks like so far they are held up pretty good. So my recent increase in STI Index and Reits help for now. I also did a quick swap on some of my SSB for Jan'19 allotment which is successful. Quite happy as is 0.5% rate up on top of starting 2.01% for year 1 which is almost doubled I had previously. Finally, in my many years of investment, after a year of negative returns, the year after is good positive. This happens 3 times for negative years ( Year 2008, 2011 and 2015) and 2018 will be the 4th !


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