Feb 2, 2019

Cory Diary : Liquid Asset 2019-0202

Equity takes up 50% of my liquid asset. With Bond/Pref, that will be 59%. If I am to add Gov securities, that's 68%. This group is making money to work category.

I was working on the above points and then realize is really a bad plan to lower my saving by 12 points for much higher equity allocation. Is inward looking of personal finance furthermore I am already vested with 50% Equity. Prefer good buffer for emergency, housing and family so I aren't putting them to risk.

Maybe growing the equity pie by 10% will helps. That will boost (updated for privacy) dividend after 2019 and will takes 3 years of good market to achieve. If I am to do some income injection and some modest capital adjustments of the 21% Cash saving, probably 2 years. That's sound more forward looking.

And if the market goes bad. Wait it out ...



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