Jan 13, 2019

Cory Diary : Refreshing Portfolio Setup

It has been a fruitful week. From the low of two fri ago on 1/4 , STI ETF swing back up to close strongly driving whole week of positives. This is certainly a positive week spurt which happens only few times a year. Staying invested folks have a field day. However for those who shorted the general market thinking it will go negatives are caught wrong footed this time as is a 7.2% swing in total. Is so hard to predict.

This also drives my portfolio upwards with different counter benefits differently from it. Passion is everything. Here's my new Radar 2.0 setup format for Year 2019.

 Look out for 0%, 5% and 10% markers They are investment size.

The Green's : Reit/Trust
The Purple's : Fixed Income Equities
The Cyan's : Volatile / Growth / Speculation
The Orange's : Blue Chips and STI Index


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