Jan 4, 2019

Cory Diary : Investment Portfolio 2019-0104


As usual, my Investment Portfolio excludes tracking Pensions, SSB, Treasuries and Fixed Deposits. This setup is slightly higher up in Trusts/Reits allocation of 53%. I foresee waiting for market dips before increasing further. I have also reserved for a few positions for future acquisition in 2019.

There is nothing much to show on the bubble chart other than the yield expectation for start of year. A lot of overlapping. As the year past, this will probably scatter.

With 24 counters, seems I have my plate full. To most people this maybe too much. However I think is necessary for dividend diversification, and compensate for my selection weakness and emotions. Compared to my wife, she only has 2 stocks. One of them gained 4 times in 2 years. She is clearly on different worlds.

In 2019, I hope not to see drastic change in my portfolio.I have the same hope when I started last year. So ....



  1. Hi Cory, I had been following your posting for sometime. Here I would like to share a nice article to read...


    1. Welcome William. Isn't that your blog lol. Anyway, pulling your leg. lol. With Temasek recent work, it will be a game changer for keppel. Interesting to see what happen after.