Dec 25, 2018

Cory Diary : STI Index - Crucial Juncture

Most people who is well verse with STI Index would probably know that timing matters in STI Index investment. And going in lower will do us well in the future to come. So you may like to know that we are on the cross road for this period and the index is on one of it's low point of the wave fluctuation.

We have Tariffs, Brexit, Rate increase, US Shutdown, Syria pullout and SG Property Curbs and Poor Telco performance. There are so many negatives. Well, without them Index wouldn't be low, right ?

The above chart has a lot of approximations from a novice. So I won't be bothered to try to catch the ultimate bottom but appears 3000 range is strong. Question is do we dare to execute our buy ? I can't imagine if this range is broken. Maybe Trump is right ?



  1. Uploaded the wrong pic on Walls. Updated with Trump comment on the Fed feels as a Golfer. Unfortunately Dow tanks on Christmas Eve. If Fed not doing anything concrete, Market probably pricked by Fed into recession.

  2. The Guardian newspaper posted up :

    Inimitably, the president also likened the Fed to “a powerful golfer who can’t score. He can’t putt!
    I reckon the Fed knows he is trying to putt the Fed into a hole ( in-one tweet )