Jul 20, 2016

Cory Diary : Selling a Dream

A Dream is Mathematically Insane. Practically Impossible. Is Basically Irrational.

Toto Strike assumes $1 M. Someone drawing 100 K annual income get 1 Toto strike every 10 years surely. Those drawing 250 K annual salary will reduce to 4 years. Can strike Toto 10 times in 40 years !

Want to get out of rat race ? Work hard and Smart. Study hard if you can. Save and Invest I like. Marry up also can. Will make it easier. Is not sure win but the path to success is there.

Want to vote for a dream because it is so attractive, addictive and memorising and hopes. A chance for the few. We need to realise. Is the gambling in us. The laziness in us. The wilfulness in us. The greediness in us.

Beware of people who sell you a Dream. Keep Dreaming.


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