Jul 9, 2016

Cory Diary : Reading UOB Bank First Quarter 2016

UOB Stock Price 8th July '16 : $18.15 since the low of $16.81 early this year and high of $25 last year. That's +7.4% from bottom and -25% respectively from top. That's a wide range of pricing so what's are the fundamental change during this period ?

UOB First Quarter 2016

Let start with loans and operating performance by Country information. What I find interesting is Greater China information which records S$28 M profit reduction. Indonesia registers strong profit growth which maybe at a huge price which i will come later.

Gross Loans
Operating Profits

Non-Performing Loans (NPL) 1.4%
Past quarters increased from 1.2% to 1.4%. Percentage increase 16.7%. Greater China has a reduction from $218 M to $158 M. Indonesia has significant disproportionate amount of S$564 M accounting for 20% of NPLs. This raise the question of how well Indonesia is performing.

Exposure of Asset
5.9% Greater China, S$19.5 B of which half in RMB. There are $15.9 B Customer deposits in Greater China. Profit $69M (6.4%). Unable to locate clarity on RMB exposure but with local deposits there will be natural hedge against currency fluctuation which is critical.

4% Oil and Gas and 3% Other Commodities

NAV $18.22
BV using share price $18.15 will be 0.996. Not expensive.

Loan to Deposits Ratio
LDR using net loan over deposits has comes down from 81%-84% to 80.7%. This is on the back of increasing loans. Lot's of cash in the system.

$1.84 annualised. That's roughly 10.1%. PE 9.8.

Regular Dividends assuming 70-75 cts (Yield 3.85% ~ 4.13%,  Shares 1,607,291,000) that will be at least $1.125 B annual distribution. 1Q16 earning alone is $766M. With the payout ratio less than 50% of earning, Capital Growth will be strong plus factor. 5% growth translate to $0.90 potential capital gains annually.

Overall is still a healthy and profitable business even though there is a a little slow down. One thing to know is Indonesia. Will UOB throws more into it. Whats up that we don't know about ?

By the way, UOB first half 28th July'16 report coming up.


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