Jul 6, 2016

Cory Diary : Read up on Retirement

The whole idea of Investment is so that we have more money. People who say they don't probably already have enough. That's the reality unless we are trying to poke holes into exceptions.

Instead of re-inventing the wheel I should tap on other brains. There are plenty strong logics out there as anonymous I like to share.

Here you are.

Cannot imagine that after working hard for 30 - 35 years, you would want to cut back everything and live like a hermit upon retirement?

Retirement is a time to take back your life and live! Do the things you want to do, travel to places and experience other cultures and pamper yourself.

When planning for retirement, always plan for more. For eg., if you think you would only require $84k pa ($7k pm) in retirement, aim for $100k pa ($8.5k pm).

It is better to continue working now as long as you can, than having to re-enter the job market at 60 when you find that your money runs out!

I think these comments about retiring early at 40 or 50 are coming from middle-class folks stuck with average income in jobs they hate, and they spend their time online dreaming about retiring early cos they can't in real life. 

What's wrong with working until 60 or even 65? The wise are happy to contribute back to society and nurture the younger generation. Some people like me enjoy every day at work.

The irony of working towards retirement: the higher the person's salary, the faster the wealth accumulation process, and the earlier one can retire. But the opportunity cost of retiring is also higher, and it becomes so much harder to retire.

I'm a retired millionaire who've worked very hard for many years. Long hours, frequent travels. It's good to finally stop my rat race. Made millions from my salary, bonuses and investment gains. Time to smell the roses. Also to take better care of my body. I was at a high risk of heart attacks and stroke had I continued my rat race.

Life now is so much more peaceful and serene. No more getting stuck in early morning traffic and late nights. Can spend a lot of time exercising in my condo gym and swimming pool. I can also do ad hoc projects and volunteer at charitable organisations which I choose. 

Life is much more meaningful now. I've never been happier in my life. My passive income from my portfolio of investments gives me more than what my family's needs.

Choosing the right high paying career and being excellent in investments are key ingredients towards financial success and financial independence.

So much Collective Wisdoms and Experiences out there. Hope you enjoy  !



  1. The best of retirement is we are no longer caught in the rat race!

  2. It is VERY annoying to read the blue highlighted text.

    1. thanks for your feedback. It works perfect on my devices. However I changed to a duller background.

  3. You must be that kid that highlights his textbook from line 1 to the last line. Why? It is damn hard to read the highlighted bits.

    1. Frankly it doesn't look highlights to me at all :)