Jul 1, 2016

Cory Diary : Last day of week after Brexit

After 2 days of dramatic drops across the world after Brexit, the market has rebounded and returned to normal. It has proven that many doom day experts are just mere mortals. And monkey can decides as well.

As of today XIRR YTD hits 5.2%. (Performance from  Jan'16 till to date ). It would have been much better have I not mitigate my exposure taking profits on some counters. Meaning, do nothing. Nevertheless is still a relieve nothing worst has happened which we all should appreciate.

I have taken the opportunity to buy back CDL and acquired more bank shares. And hopefully get something cheap to replenish my portfolio. I am still a little careful in case there is fallout later.



  1. Hi Cory

    CDL is also in my radar should it get cheaper. Great company there and the catalyst is there too

    1. Yup. Below 8 will be nice.If we take a rear mirror view later in mid term, this is indeed a very good price. Nevertheless property go in cycle.