Jul 3, 2016

Cory Diary : Portfolio Design Re-Make

Everyone has problems they need to handle regardless big or small. I have my own set of issues too. One of my nudging problem is the shower head. Yes ! Minor things do frustrate the life out of me in a slower ways but they do. The shower head is always slanted at an angle and I have to stand shower at an angle. I could not have it friction locked properly for weeks. Finally one day something strikes me to act on it with a solution. I rotate the shower head providing a counter torgue to the piping attached to the head and the problem solved in seconds.

I should make a laundry list of all my problems down to minute detail and work on it one by one or leave it hanging as future actions. Maybe i would kill all creeps in my life. :P Thanks to the hot Taipei weather recently i have enough spare time generated by staying at home with boredom. And something strike me again.

Have been looking for ways to improve my method to increase my capacity and decision making. I like to do it with realistic perfection and enjoys the process of constant improvement. So i took an hour to revamp my portfolio sheet design on how i like to track my sg stock investments better.

Portfolio Summary Page

This is the summary page of all my Singapore Stocks. It tracks summary of each counter. Portfolio performances of all counters ytd by xirr and actual returns. Support/Resistance level. Exposure/Risk level. Yield. Business sector. Released P/L and unreleased. Dividends and theoretical max.

Counter Trading Page

This track every trades by counter. Including rights, dividends, split etc. It also measure counter level performance over the years and year-to-date (ytd). Expense made and notes. Is a minor tweek this time to support more notes comment to support my decision making and action process.

Everyone has a way to track their trades and I am sharing with my Diary.



  1. Hi Cory,

    Precision engineering at its best! Hehehe! :)

    1. Hi Bro. I can see your top 4 holdings did well after Brexit ! Cheers