Jul 2, 2021

Cory Diary : Year 2021 Mid Year Performance

Is quite "Miraculous" that for the past 1.5 years Portfolio has been registering reasonable profit despite how damaging Covid does to our way of life and therefore economy. The fortunate thing is that we still have our jobs. I am still able to get most of my stuffs online. Taking care of both our toddlers at home full time.

One key lesson I learned for this period is not to ignore growth stock therefore initiate my investment in Overseas market. To-date after some adjustment from my initial stakes, I have them consolidated to 4 which combined, is nearly 8% of my Equity portfolio. They have finally registered positive returns after my bad start in technological stocks early this year. I am still in long learning curve and will increase my stake over time. They keep me excited at night.

At the same time, I have released some bond shares to increase my warchest which now grew to more than 6 digit figures. I have applied excess for iReit shares and hopefully this will increase my dividend further. My goal is still to continue to push for higher dividend annually for cashflow which has been great on covering my housing loan. Property is a hedge against inflation plus rental support with comfortable leverage regulated from risk else MAS will not be doing their job. LOL.

One key concept I believe in is very hard for interest rate to increase. I have multiple articles mentioned on this. There maybe fluctuation in-between but the rate overall will stay low. So allocation wise, shares investment is about 40% of my Net worth. Depending on who we talk to, some may say I invest too much while others could feel is too little. I do not have a good answer yet other than reaching a balance level that I can sleep well. And that could well be the answer.

If you have read my earlier article, my focus is on Portfolio Size and Expense variables. ( link )
Which reminds me that I need to continue to find ways to grow my portfolio in a safe manner to support higher expenses.

For the first half of this year, absolute return finally hit near to 7% YTD and just 3 % away from STI Index which has been performing very well this year. Chart on the right. Is a creeping fight, back to back as my portfolio do not have enough Bank shares to grow with STI. Neither do I have enough growth stocks. So to able to close the gap over this time, I am happy. There is still more work to do.

Dividend wise Collected $30,729 which is on track to hit on sustainability basis more than $60k this year. ( 5k jump from Year 2020 ). Portfolio Size hits another ATH ( Chart on the left ) but that includes War Chest in trading account which has ballooned.

I am excited how this will end for Year 2021 with few surprises on my cards

1. Lifting of Bank Curb
2. Oversea Stocks Dynamics
3. iReit PO and Excess
4. Further recovery of Reit shares
5. Vicom result
6. Netlink BNB Tr surprise, if any
7. Currency as my portfolio now have many different exposures



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