Jul 31, 2021

Cory Diary : Equity Performance Report Card Aug'21


Please spend some time to do a slow read and think else I rather you skip this article. The trading month ended for July and I am more excited on this report card. 


If one has noticed, I have been sharing wealth information so that people of My Time benefits. I hardly care less of people who think negatively on such sharing for they are likely in the poorer category in which I could understand they likely will also think money is Evil.

Let me tell you this. You are what you are and money just amplifies who you are. (Says Benny from a youtuber of CafĂ© Money)  Just like sex, we Asian hardly talk much on the detail of money and asset as though is some devil schemes from hell. Fact of matters are Sex and Money are major part of our lives that provides the needed motivation and drives. Discussing them will help our life significantly.

Nice Surprise

This morning I got invitation to join Private Client. What a nice surprise though I suspect not much to do with my growing portfolio but consolidation of my accounts. Does it helps to join or more constraints in the future ? I will have to do some investigative work and for the matter is just an algorithm that trigger the invitation and then you get tied probably. When you hit my age with saving and growing salary income and investment, plus the printing thus higher inflation, hitting the amount needed to qualify maybe just matter of time. They probably will adjust the bar higher if it were before Digital Banking Age. To some readers, they would have it long ago so bear with me as I grow. And to younger investors, I have this to say, be patience ! Your time will come.

Digital Banking

With digital banking on the rise with competition, traditional banking no longer has monopoly edge over the consumers. The new frontiers will be Investment Banking and Wealth Management. So collecting clients will be a hobby necessity for survival considering the fixed cost to manage them will be reduced with the automated Digital World.

Report Card

Talk so much today. And here my Aug report card. Is a tooth and nail fight again with STI and manage to edge out a little bit again from last report. So the delta has narrowed to -2% from STI Index. Portfolio hits ATH not surprisingly as this helps to get the invitation. ( grin ). I am still quite positive on the fight till year end.

If one has noticed, I have Cory XIRR (Annualised YTD)  and Cory Yield for comparison and they typically do not deviate much. It should stay that way if fresh fund injection is not significant, and it is so far for my case.

The portfolio still has some room to move up so I am not surprise it will move higher provided there is no broad market correction. Again XIRR for my chart is ytd annualized so the end date of the formula set as 31 Dec'21 instead of today. So that it won't extrapolated the performance which could easily move my XIRR up by another 80% probably. If it happens then it will deviate significantly from my profit yield which is a "Good Checksum" I believe.

Profit yield basically is Total Profit YTD including dividend gained this year alone, divide by Initial investment cost valued on start of year. So XIRR for my YTD hits 9.4%. The stronger performance was due to : -

1. DBS share maintained above 30
2. AREIT moving up
3. MINT scaling up well
4. US stocks doing well
5. SGX is still growing

Foreign Shares allocation hits Stage 2 which is now 10% of portfolio allocation. I am glad so on the market diversification is showing traction.

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  1. Bro, I wait for DBS Private Client long long and they still haven't called me. In fact, they get called by me....with complaints. All their channels are inconsitent in treatment and do not communicate and give me hassle.

    Do you know what is the trigger for your case ?

    1. No idea. Maybe bought lots of share with their account. I have my housing loan with them. SSB and CDA too. I think is good for people who need forex oversea.