Jul 30, 2021

Cory Diary : Sheng Siong 1H21

When I think of Sheng Siong. Here's what in my mind. One of iconic brand in Singapore that is doing well in Covid and Prior for a family run business. Reward shareholders and employees. Expansion in China. Outskirt supermarket.

Result 1H21

To sum it up the recent performance, table as above. If we do a fast look, one would think Sheng Siong has a terrible 1st Half but we need to remember that it benefitted disproportionately last year due to Covid lockdown and is not a normal year.


What we have to do is to view current half below and what is their possible future by skipping Covid Period. Operating Profit for 1st half is already 87% of FY2019 Pre-Covid.

And that's the power of Sheng Siong growth story and this is despite maintaining about 70% of dividend payout ratio. Another Good News is that the subsidiary in China continued to be profitable.

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