Mar 30, 2019

Cory Diary : Q1 2019 Portfolio Review

Time for Q1 2019 review. STI ETF YTD registered XIRR 5% gain including dividend, annualized. And it is now my largest counter of almost 10% without a need for me to put an extra dime into which I will blog later. Reits and Trusts have another good run for the last month of the quarter too. As they are about 50% of my portfolio, I have benefited from it largely. The best performer for local stock is Ascendas Reit registering 16% returns YTD.

Ascendas Reit was my largest prior to end of Q1. After discussing with friends over in IN, I decided to take 25% profit yesterday at $2.92 (Ascendas Reit). I can feel the pain from the dividend loss but the mind tells me I need to take step in securing my profits as this is near 3 years of dividends. I could be wrong and still has 75% to enjoy the ride. Either side I win, just lesser. :)

Do note that in a Winning market, is getting harder to maintain dividends as yield drops with increasing market if we sell and try to buy again. This logic is important to understand.

As above chart comparison using Strait times index as comparison which performance is replicated STI ETF as well, Cory Portfolio has over taken Strait times Index for the Q1 period. This comes from STI ETF, Reits/Trusts and US stocks maintaining the rebound level. The banks and Telco are mute and laggard in my portfolio but I am ok with them. Again the chart shows the resilient path I took to secure my returns with a rather conservative portfolio.

As I mentioned in my earlier article on 10th Mar'19 link , Life is about Choices. If one has sold, we are out of market and will be hard to come back again today just on expenses alone. My portfolio expense ratio has come down to 0.13%. It will take deeper correction for one to return if we have sold. However Reits/Trusts give easily 5% returns annually. A few year outside the market we would have created our own "financial crisis".

There are a lot of risk in the market. And personally I feel risk is underrated on each stock. But not vested in market is a much larger risk. We just have to make more right choices than bad.



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