Mar 7, 2019

Cory Diary : Trading - Span of Control In-Check

Sold Frasers L&I Tr - This is particular interesting sale because nothing much has changed for the company other than the stock price moved up quite a bit from beginning of year at $1.03. I only found out when someone blogged about it that he had sold and decided to investigate. The chart looks like a spike up "W-shaped". Since I am in the process of counter reduction, this looks like no brainier to sell too for me considering I have Ascendas and Maple Ind. Tr in industrial segment.  

For the dividends replacement of which it provides more than 6.5% yield. I have the proceed splits across 3 Reits namely FCT, Mapletree NAC Tr and Ascendas-h Tr.  FCT doesn't really cut it from 5.3% yield perspective but since I have no plan to sell my existing small FCT in my portfolio it maybe worth my time to up it on the current price dip.  The later two averaged up too. They have good yield and I am investing in hospitality that Asia will remains vibrant and keep growing.

One thing to note is that Frasers L&I Tr do not distribute dividend last quarter reporting as it is on half yearly basis. This re-balance requires 4 trades to execute. Kind of costly but I feel necessary as the risk is getting higher for Fraser L&I Tr with the recent run-up compared to others and I do not want to over burden specific averaged up counters.

On another separate note, I sold Neratel as well with recent result announcement. This use to be a hot VB counter. Took me too long to cut-it. Though I am net positive, opportunity cost is still painful. After this sale, this helps to reduce my span of control further.  

Here's how the portfolio radar map looks like for those who are interested.



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