Apr 1, 2019

Cory Diary : Bubble Chart 2019-0401 No April Fool

The spotlight this month is Ascendas Reit. And is no April Fool if you think I am about to go down that line.

Adjusted the Y-axis of the chart this month not once but twice so that the Ascendas Moon completely stays within the chart, and if you yet realize, is good news. Largest position, it has gone north ( Capital Gains Y-Axis ). Hitting more than 13% portfolio allocation ( Bubble Size ). 

Since there is more talk on this now, maybe new investors need to be wary to be participant in the game now. At 5.5% yield currently, is still a force to be reckon with in term of yield, stability, cost of borrowing and growth. As I mentioned in prior post, I have the size trimmed 25% and now looks more calm though still sizable for a moon. 

There are a few below zero line YTD. Sheng Siong, OCBC and UOB namely. They are my hedge and future. So I am ok with them there for now. 

The other gem I feel could be an impact is Ascendas-h Tr. The yield is good. The income seems getting more stable. However risk wise higher. Is currently pretty high up in the bubble elevation and size. I see some potential but we never know. 

One new comer in the block of bubbles close together is Netlink NBN Tr. This has been long awaited. Maybe is due to 3Fs stake ? However due to risk mitigation I have it reduced by 30% prior to larger rise before him. Well, I still enjoy the 70% ride as I always said. :)

FCT also has a face lift though not as much. I am happy with current size for long term with a buffer. This could provide good dividend support.

Crossed Xirr YTD 8% mark as I publish.




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