Mar 3, 2019

Cory Diary : US Stocks enjoying nice rebound

Last year is bad for US stock investors. This year for the first 2 months have seen strong rebound. Hopefully it stays. Below table is the YTD returns of US stocks that I am tracking.

One thing realised is that if there is nothing fundamental change in the company, US stock can swing like crazy. Therefore, ability to hold seems key. On the other hand, if I have average down, returns would have been awesome. Indeed land of opportunity.



  1. If that's the case you should be hoping US stocks drop 50% like in 2008 again. Although I seriously doubt it will happen again for another 10-12 years. We'll probably see milder bears of around 25%-35% over next 10 years.

    1. Yah, kind of unlikely to see broad based drop like 2008. 50% drop will be more likely specific stocks rather than broader index.