Mar 10, 2019

Cory Diary : Life is about Choices - STI Index

Life is about Choices

When I blogged earlier on 25th Dec'18 that we likely see better STI index, indeed we do. I would say fortunately we do because if it has broken supports, the alternative of the market direction would have been terrible. See the link here. So what I did then is to up my investible amount into the market that time in and indeed benefited from it.

Today I took a peak on the index again. Here's the chart.

STI Index

There is the golden cross up that most would like to see back in Dec'18 wishes.  How will the market move will be interesting after ?  In my novice opinion, it should continue to climb despite recent climb down of the index. There will be daily fluctuation noises. However, hopeful for the climb up for the year 2019 could likely mean the result of the China-US talk is not going to be bad.

The failure of the Vietnam talk which Trump walked away could helped reinforce to the Chinese that he aren't going to exchange votes for a bad deal for America. And that's mean more tough discussion has to be happened right from the top. The Chinese has the Choice imo. A less win deal is not a bad deal.

If they walkaway, this could mean breakdown to 3000 level. A further down side will be 2800 follow by ... .. ... Hopefully common sense prevails which I think they will. So continue to be vested. If I like to bet, it will be index or it's components that benefits from it.

Yes, there is always Risk. Be prepared for it !


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