Feb 5, 2019

Cory Diary : Net Worth 20190205

Net Worth

The last time I blogged about Net Worth is in 2018 May. (see link). It  has since increased by about 5.3% to date. A hint of size, my equity net worth just crossed a hallmark with recent market run up in Jan'19. My last year dividend is roughly 47k. For definition on Net Worth to me, read #1 and read #2. Basically in essence is net present value if I am to sell off everything including my home and adding Pension/CPF to it since I could not sell them.


I thought of reducing my saving but interestingly it went up significantly to 16% which kind of a surprise me. Maybe few percentage due to recent share sales.( updated: Good bonus from last year, baby cost me probably 20k ). My goal is to reduce it as mentioned earlier (read here ) ... but ..execution is a problem as I don't go by target number forcibly. The investment injection is about 4.9% which pretty align to Net Worth 5.3% growth. Another possible reason is because of hit on ceiling in my SSB contribution, and with the increase of limits to 200k, I could do some improvement this year.


With the amount of cash in hand, there is no strong reason to surrender Insurance policy. I would just let my endowment continue to roll. I have not think much about my Life Policy as well but I guess it will be in  procrastination mode for the better.

Why am I doing this on first day of CNY ? ... Enjoying my Babysitting experience ... ... ...
Happy Chinese New Year !


Cory 2019-0205


  1. Happy chinese new year 2019 to you too. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Something to learn from it.