Feb 22, 2019

Cory Diary : Royal Flush, Cory Bubbles

Is like a Royal Flush bubble picture. Looks like everyone is above the zero line. Technically the new entrants aren't due to transaction cost. If we look at the chart closely, STI ETF aren't the tallest but in percentage term it does relatively well against my portfolio. 5 of the stocks registered double digits gains. 

Feb is another good month and I do not want to wait for it to end to blog. Dividend stocks driving more profitability. Took the opportunity to buy a little UOB today after Sheng Siong this week. I have been controlling my shooting.... . Mapletree Com Tr is out as it hits my profitability on yield which do not much complement my portfolio now. Realized 6.2% gains from it.

Naturally the bigger bubble has higher absolute profitability and risen the most as in the chart when prices go up. The good news are they have risen further. There are some laggards. HRnetGroup and  OCBC are in so so state. If one is to do a quick look, the drivers are Trust and Reits. Portfolio XIRR 6.2%. I am smiling this month. Hope it lasts !!!


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