Feb 15, 2019

Cory Diary : Misses

There are always a list of hot stocks, speculative pennies, blue chips and investible in most people radar scope who are familiar with the markets. Often one of them will spikes or dives, and chances are the stocks were once in your investment considerations.

As we grow older, the misses get more. Don't be disheartened ! Is natural as we come to know more stocks. The last thing we want is to start frantic actions to spot the next to avoid misses. We can never be able to catch most of them but likely slips into oblivion trying to do so .... 

Draw a plan and try to stick to it.

1. Dividend Strategy, Growth, and with Sufficient diversification ie. constant lookout
2. Assess Risk for each of them and target dividend amount ie. follow news, read report ...
3. Maintain with care, small pool of growth/speculative stock to keep our blood warm enough with the market. Even then there should be fundamental business behind it and which report we can likely depend on.

Misses will not affects our returns. Wild ride will. We should ignore those noises and spend more quality time with family like with baby. (change nappy time ... :P )


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