Dec 24, 2019

Cory Diary : Portfolio Changes 2019

From start of year till now, Portfolio has undergo significant changes with my thinking and progress. Expense Ratio is now at 0.85% which almost $10 K. I think did about 150 to 200 trades. One of my practice is to break down my purchases and sales so that ramp up the numbers. Thankfully my broker has agreed to give me a better rate.

Year 2019 has been joyful because of lowering yield pushing up Reits. I would think the curbs on property helps too as there is too much cash in the system looking for safe returns. Whether it will fallback is anyone guess but for dividend players this could be good news ironically.

This is the first time i present my portfolio in excel in this format. Something which I have been using for long time. Portfolio table reflects what I have and what have left the portfolio. The returns are mainly computed using XIRR or situation where I could safely use formula of returns/invested ratio to give more absolute feeling on returns. Take note the yield and price is just an estimation and delayed.

Yes, it has been a good year for Income Investor even for Cory with Fixed holdings within the portfolio. This year XIRR 20% for a 47% Reit portfolio. Take note that Profits will be lower due to past year losses. And returns included Dividends/Rights. Moving forward my posts will be less revealing as wife wants more privacy. Happy Wife Happy Life. I fully agree ! 😃


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