Dec 29, 2019

Cory Diary : Dividends 2019

With the year coming to a close, all the expected dividends have been accorded for. Year 2019 seen a number of acquisitions and mergers which has change the expected dividends. Therefore some deliberations made for it. Total dividend for Year 2019 received $52, 299 which is equivalent to $4,358 monthly cash-flow. Cumulative dividends tracked $324,750.

Scrip Dividends
Decided to take up Aims Apac Reit and OCBC scrips which are a good discount. To compute dividend returns two steps were done. First is to register the expected dividends and then replace them with the number of shares given.

Ascendas Reit issued relatively deep discount of Rights. They were sold off for about $1,700.
Strictly speaking I am not sure should count them in as dividend but since is one-time, and it supports cash-flow, this will be included for this time.

Ascendas h-tr merged with Ascott Reit. Took profit on half before merger. Remainder will get $2,715 cash. As the de-listing is on 3rd Jan 2020 it won't be counted into Year 2019.

"A-HTRUST Scheme, each A-HTRUST Stapled Unitholder as at the A-HTRUST Scheme Entitlement Date will be paid S$0.0543 in cash and will be issued 0.7942 in Ascott Reit-BT Stapled Units issued at a price of S$1.30 each, in each case, for each A-HTRUST Stapled Unit held by it."

The other merger is between Frasers Com Tr and Frasers L&I Tr. Decided to take profit and exit the counter.

Private Placement
SPH Reit has a private placement and unit holder has early dividend registered however the cash will not be seen till Year 2020. Since is already registered it will be counted towards Year 2019.

For Year 2020, theoretical dividends on current holdings will be $53, 384. This should hits higher with capital injection and DPU growth assuming no market surprises. The far fetched goal will be $60, 000.

Happy New Year 



  1. More than 50k in dividend is impressive! I bet you are close to FIRE, if you want it.

    How much is your portfolio worth and how is the return like for dividend and capital gain?

    Thank you

    1. It can certainly form a baseline comfort for bad situation such as being retrenched and couldn't find another job. However for those who won't affected, may want to work to aspire quality lifestyle, varies to individual standard or definition. So 50k is not enough.

      One of the misconception people has with dividend investing is not including the potential capital gains which can be quite significant. Good question on this one.

      As to how large a portfolio, you could compute easily by yield expectation. The question will be how to get there. The dividends compounding, capital injection, capital gains and growth aspect is important. If the formula is right, one can starts from small so I do not agree on some advise that you need huge capital to start doing this.