Dec 8, 2019

Cory Diary : Dividend Investing is Boring. Easy ?

Capitaland Mall Trust has been with Cory Portfolio for about 6 years ago.  It has been one of the key starter for Cory to learn about dividend investing. The yield is not so great, not bad, stable and well backed. This gives confidence to Cory to mend his ways in the early years of aimless speculative investing.

Below historical data of Cory's CMT Table.

As you can see, starts on Year 2014, took some breaks on Year 2015 and 2016 before it becomes Core Position in Portfolio in Year 2017, 2018 and 2019. Years where Cory P/L is positive is also years Cory holds for long time within the year.

Even on a not so great yield, Cory collected S$33K from it slowly. How much capital deployed ? In/Out trading on some and holding on mains maybe around $50K-$60K. Looks like quite profitable so far. Maybe is not that surprising as dividends act as a good buffer from market fluctuation to trade. To get to know more about CMT here's the chain articles on CMT.

Yes, Dividend investing can be boring. Maybe Year 2019 is different. Well, it is usually boring but often profitable from Cory experiences so far till it is not .... 😨. Investing maybe is that easy. I hope ! 


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