Oct 12, 2019

Cory Diary : Why Dividend Investing is so "Exciting"

Remember in my younger days, RM will furnish us with the idea that investment  today, 10 years later sure Huat with annual 10% based on past 10 years track record. And they will show you the charts on why so. What they didn't tell you is not in the contract is not guaranteed and  the other is that they won't be around few years later to service you or you are't around anymore to bother (touch-wood). The key is don't sell in short term. Probably high sales charge or they will still be around and need to answer to you. lol

Fast forward today. Is there anyone really can guarantee good returns after 10 years ? If so, Banks wouldn't need to sell to us. They will be happy to do it themselves.  I am sure institutions will be happy to invest too. Why bother to grow an army of RMs to service thousands of retailers. 

With Reits that is strong and growing, DPU management has become an expected norm. This will last as long interest rates are low or to be better said, borrowing cost is low relative to earning. Hence the term we hear about Income Ratio (ICR).  It has become a performance metric to drive managers too. That's not easy in execution. 

Why Maintain or Growing DPU is so important ?

So when someone tells me DPU YoY only up 1%, I am smiling till my teeth drop already. Why ? Ascendas Reit has run up significantly for a number of years. This year "just" 23% YTD excluding dividend. See chart below of Ascendas Reit with Dividend Effects !

To grow DPU or maintain for 10 years are not that difficult to find nowadays as long we have Good and Credible Managers however this is not given though. The thing to overcome is Price Anchoring. Will we pay for something that is 23% more expensive from a year ago  ?

Seriously, if I have spare money, I would. Reason being Retailers ask is, "Show me the Money - Sustain-ably". The logic is quite simple. Think of the investment as long term. DPU maintain or increase. This is better than bond already. The cash flow generated covers living expenses. If there is reduction in stock price, we need to look at it in context. Is there fundamental change in the business ?

Next, Trump announced Preliminary Phase 1 deal. Probably due to Biden presidential bid took a hit. The Chinese probably feels a little shaken from it. However, this is far from a complete deals. I doubt it will ever till Trump gets re-elected. What this mean is interest rate will remains low for foreseeable future.

So someone asked. Can I buy MCT today ? Very hard to answer. 7 years of dividends from this year stock price increase. One thing I feel that is never late to invest. Break up our purchases just to be vested some and then see whether we need to average down or up much later. Maybe choose other Reits ( lol ). Don't fall into yield traps. Not all Reits the same. Who knows MCT share price can take another 7 years of dividends leap again. Realistically, the key is how low a yield we are willingly to accept. SSB is like 1.7% range for 10 years. Your take ?


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