Oct 14, 2019

Cory Diary : Asset Allocation Review 2019-1014

A month past since I last reviewed my asset allocation. Time really flies.  YTD Asset increased by 21% thanks to equity market in-addition to regular salary income. Manage to consolidate some of my cash to Fixed Deposits which provide quite good 1.4% returns to my surprise. I have been neglecting them .... . With reduced Cash level at 3.8% of Net Worth (see chart) this is probably the minimum I would go for now. There is some timing involves to support Housing Loan payments with added buffers of-course for emergency needs.

With Saving amount hits absolute base line level needs, near and mid term future funds from Salary and Portfolio probably can now be put more into active service or likely building up the warchest further as in Fixed Deposits.

Cory Investment Portfolio YTD increased by 18.4%. Which roughly tally with the profits recorded this year with a little cash injection to top it off. At this point, maybe I should let the fund runs.



  1. Do you deposit all dividends into cash portion? Or back into original security?

    Are you using funds?

    1. Cash. How much to invest in my fund is independent on my dividends received however I do take a point to estimate expected dividends annually from my investment.

    2. Re-read and realised I left out the last question. Not sure this replies. No unit trust or investment in funds. Due to lack of control and lesser trust in those entity to put me first. They are also run in black box and could have vested interets in conflicts. Since investment is not rocket science and just interests, I can do myself.