Oct 11, 2019

Cory Diary : Reits Investment Logics

When Recession comes, most investments will be affected. This applies to Correction as well.
Interestingly, this are one of the best time to buy. The question is what stock to buy and will we buy ?

In the last recession, Reit stocks price like many other non-reit investments are badly hit. STI Index reflects the poor situation too. If we are to use today thinking, and understand how the mechanics of how Reits work, one would wonder how can things can go so bad in stock prices.

Basically, Cash or the lack of it as everyone "Hides" them when is one of the best time to invest. Many is taught about the gearing lesson and the dilution of it. Buying during this period do goes against Human Nature of trying to run away from the problem. Trying to do the opposite differentiates the man from the boys. Cory froze in Year 2008. Not that bad. :)

In 2008, many stock prices cut into half easily. Will this happen in next recession ? Never say never. However, with ample liquidity today. And better understanding by investment communities on Reits. Chances are we won't be able to see such deep cut for the next ... next ... (never mind... Cory no crystal ball). There will always be exceptions.

In essence, the DPU of Reits or in another relative term with current price such as yield, say 5% as an example provides the cash flow to one financials as dividend. Multiply it with say 5 year periods will be 25%. That's a recession depth. To be more precise, there are compounded effect and the gearing component especially on properties. And the growth factor which cannot be ignored as it can double dividend gains over the 5 years period too if we pick our stock carefully, and safely to optimize our chance.  

Recession Survival Recipe

1. Able to Survive : Gearing, Loans, Occupancy, 
2. Able to perform "V-Shape" Recovery preferred in stock price : Stock Price
3. Continue to profit from the business during this bad days : DPU
4. Strong Sponsor

Not all Reits the same. Cory want to avoid bad surprises and knives cut. The Gem in Reits are not the Yield but the Growth and Stability that it can perform. Yield is the extras.


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  1. "The Gem in Reits are not the Yield but the Growth and Stability that it can perform"

    Your next post will be sharing on which REITS falls into the Growth and Stability criteria?